Thursday, January 7, 2010

Star Gazing

She tugs gently at my shirt,
clenching tightly the idea she holds.
"Can we look at the stars tonight Mommy?"
I answer quietly with a nod.
We creep out the sliding door,
bare feet treading the cold concrete.
Just a few steps more
until we feel the grass beneth our feet,
green blades bent at our weight.
The sheet we carry floats up
quietly, gently it falls-
Corners tucked under-
white like moon.
"Let's make snow angels momma!"
Arms and legs like angel wings.
Our heads and bodies still,
holding our breath for a shooting star.
Satellite interruptions-
big and little dipper.
Quietly scouting the stars.
The moon is tucking in for the night....
And then
a white flair,
brightly streaming through the sky,
gently fluttering.
Out, out, gone.
Goodnight bright lights.

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