Sunday, January 31, 2010

the goings on of Sunday

Sunday morning quietly shared with peeking sun
through window panes and coffee:
warm, dark and bold, lightened by cream.
A paper with a crossword,
looked upon with importunity
but finishing will be
demanding of me
so I will lay it down for another time.
The grass outside is glistening
with morning dew and
sparrows pecking around for
their morning humble fare.
The cat next door spies on
slinking down,
almost hovering on the grass.
His belly,
too full to pounce
agrees upon a nap.
The lawn mower roars
as the cord is pulled,
modulating it's numbing sound.
Why clamor on Sunday?
When, then another,
communicating in threes,
cluttering my mind
on a Sunday afternoon.

1 comment:

Annie said...

I like this line: "His belly, too full to pounce, agrees upon a nap." Also: "The lawnmower roars, as the cord is pulled, modulating its numbing sound."