Sunday, January 24, 2010

love isn't a lark

love is like the wind
hot and cold depending on the season
meandering through quietly decorated halls
reminiscing with old memories along the way

if your not a love song
what are you?
a limerick
poetic and rhythmic
spilling the entrails
of love for me

if you love me
it may be shown through works
bringing me your heart
leaving it on the porch
trotting back to your hiding grounds
cowardly kind of love...

or are you obsessive and insecure for me
clinging emotions
tangling and twisting to me
molding beside me
unwanted love, you are...

are you the patient kind?
waiting, longing, loving from a far
writing poems along the pages of life
carving names into a tree
unreachable kind of love...

love is like the wind or the ocean's waves
coming in seasons
waves of emotions over me
this way I never bore of you
your old and then your new
cold as the winter
fresh as the spring
warm as the summer
lovely like the autumn leaves

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