Saturday, January 23, 2010

time will not wait...

wait for me time
i'm not ready just yet
i'm not able to let go
of the little-ness she harbors
lipstick cache
butterfly and eskimo kisses

please just wait
the sun in the summer is so warm
how long will she blow bubbles
for hours, just blowing and laughing
when will she want to grow?
when will she need to?

wait for me time
i'm not ready to let go
not ready to give in to you
she is mine, all 3 years
blond hair and rosy lips
sneaking my makeup in front of the mirror

wait. no... stand still
just for this season
i don't want to watch your sand
or hear the sound of your ticking
stay quietly out of my sight for now
she is sleeping and dreaming in my arms

but the time just keeps on going
flowing like waves or clouds or green meadows
never waiting
always pacing me

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