Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What was winter when there is spring?

The birds are chirping,
the sun gently places
it's warmth
over the frosted lawns and
the black ice strewn across
the pavement.
When will winter cease
and the spring bring
the blossoms and
green buddings
of leaves that will last
until fall plucks them
and gravity places them
gently on the ground?
What does the little groundhog think
now that the sun has warmed,
is winter done?
Or will it linger?
But, today it is spring!
The birds are singing,
the lady bugs are
sun bathing,
the sidewalk is warm
as my feet press on.
Phil saw his shadow
but the sky today sees
clear and blue.
The green grassy meadows stall
and I
driving past the cities roots
out to the country,
where my heart has strings
attached to rocks and wood,
drifting through the hills
of dirt, placed by god so long ago.
And for now, winter has departed.

1 comment:

Annie said...

My favorite line in this poem, because it has sound, imagery, rhythm, depth, and mood:
"Where my heart has strings attached to rocks and wood."