Monday, February 15, 2010

fizzles lightly in the belly
tickling the diaphragm
building up it grows
Heavier and harder
moving towards the neck,
taking over the back of the throat
pushing the tears out of eyes:
angry and dark
Salt water dripping past tonsils,
sobs spring forth from the chords
 first silent then uncontrollable

All she wanted was a glass of milk.


JoAnn said...

this is hilarious. I was getting worried, wondering what happened? is everything ok? And then, I laughed. My favorite so far.

Kimmy said...

You are one very gifted woman. Publish a book :)

Annie said...

This poem has great imagery, rhythm, and sound, as well as an interesting premise, leading the reader through the mystery, which is then answered with endearing humor.

Robb said...

The first words out of my mouth were wow. This poem has a great build up and visual. At first I was seeing a woman with building rage and heartbreak only to laugh at the end. It was a good laugh though not one of ridicule. There are so many thoughts this poem provokes. This is my favorite poem of yours by far although I intend to read more and that could change.