Thursday, February 25, 2010

From the Depths of Secret's Safe

possum friend
you slither round
belly wrapped up on the ground
daylight breaking with stolen key
secrets held-
through safe opened, flee

eyes grasp through darkness,
image tainted blue
another color now
from birds eye view
when will eyes begin to see
nothing is solid
or what it seems to be

lips of velvet
tongue enslaved
to open the throat of belly's grave
should have viewed
from opened door
impossible to get back what comes before


Jodi said...

Wow, very moving and thought provoking. What I love about poetry is that the reader can interpret and relate according to their own life experience.

Annie said...

Hi Alexis, I'm glad to see you posting the whole poem, without having to click on it! My favorite part of this poem is actually the title, and the possible double meaning of the word "safe." I also like the imagery of a possum friend, and a stolen key.

JoAnn said...

is this about that stupid ferret? Possibly a lawnmower involved? tee hee. I'm just guessing here.