Monday, March 22, 2010

Exactly 6 Years Previously

i use to live
in an old woman's
rented out room

i was running away because
i, a young and stupid girl had married
a very young and stupid boy

i would stare 
at the ceiling or the dresser
wondering who i was

nothing seemed hard
so i would write and
wait for something

one day i turned 21 in polka dot shoes
and a shawl and that was a day
of drinking and trying to be merry

my polka dot shoes are worn
and still standing in
a closet next to that purple shawl

now i stare at the ceiling
or the dresser before the house wakes
wondering how i was who i was


Jodi said...

Alexis, this is sooooooooooo good. Really, it left me wanting more. It was like reading the introduction to what you knew was going to be a really good book. I mean that.

Annie said...

The detail of the polka dot shoes and the purple shawl is compelling. It makes the reader want to know more.

Alexis said...

Jodi, Thank you for your comment! I can't explain how much it means to me.

I met my husband on my 21st birthday and I could never throw away or even put away those shoes or that shawl.

GreenEyes said...

Alexis this gave me chills by reading it. It's so very meaningfull to you I'm sure, which even though nobody could possibly understand in full what it means to you, it has such depth that anyone who reads it could understand and relate it to themselves. Which in my opinion is what makes good poetry. This is so good and i reeeeally enjoyed reading it. it really broadened my propsective in looking at things. past and present.

Joy Heather said...

I loved this poem Alexis..cant explain what it is about it..It just made me think a little of my own past..Lovely