Sunday, May 23, 2010

sunday brings

sunday brings the quiet
peaceful sun on cheeks and shoulders
sometimes a soft breeze
through an open room

rested and full of life
walking with 3  through a park
with the squirrels and the waterfowl
their hearts in the pocket of my jeans

grandparents hover over their baby's babies
holding hands and hanging on every word
thinking of the past for a few seconds at a time
and I imagine what it would be like

to not have
what I hold in this moment
next to a pond of muddled blue

baby in the buggy,
toddler hanging on the edge of my skirt,
and a little girl asking why of the sun, snails and geese

sometimes i rush them along
saying, "hurry up, let's go"
but i never want it to be over


Ainsley, Kayley and Jake

Copyright © 2010 Alexis Hallum


emily wierenga said...


Barb said...

You really need to get an agent and have a book of poems published. You write of a life and of loves that I relate to completely - to the extent that I often feel my eyes sting with tears. You are a gifted writer, Alexis.

Amy Danielle said...

Love this. Your blog reminds me of Kathleen Norris and her Quotidian Mysteries. Neat stuff. :)

Annie said...

Wow - Savor every moment! Your poem reminds me of those wonderful toddler days. Your children are beautiful!

Wanda said...

Alexis, your lovely poem will bring those moments back to you some day and you will be just as appreciative then as now. Your children are beautiful and lucky to have a mom who is so aware of the moments!

Kaylie said...

I think I need to have my own stop-time watch. I'll let you know when I invent it.

JoAnn said...

AHH! The phone pictures!
So much fun.
Wahh. They are getting tooo big. Time for another one, get on it. This time, I'll let you beat me :)

Jodi said...

Beautiful children !

Alexis said...

Thank you for reading!

Your words mean so much. You have given such a kind compliment. Maybe one day....

Alexis said...

I have never heard of her. I'm going to have to check her out!

I am trying so hard so enjoy every single minute!

Alexis said...

Annie, I forgot to say thank you for the compliment!

Alexis said...

It's nice to see a comment from you! Thank you for reading and for the lovely comment. Bloggimg is a pretty good journal that I can look back on when they are older.

Such an awesome idea...I'll ne waiting!!

Alexis said...

Ha ha! We will see. I really don't know when we are calling it quits or if we already have. It's up to the Man...

Thanks, I think so too!;)

Susan Tipton said...

I'm glad you stopped stuffing your poetry in manilla folders.

I love this line: "and a little girl asking why of the sun, snails and geese"

Alexis said...

Thanks for stopping by and reading! I'm glad I stopped doing that too, this is more fun.;)