Friday, May 7, 2010

Thoughts to win me over, while at sea

If the sand is oceans porch
the sun would be it's porch light
and the sea would be the home
where I sleep safe at night

The sea weed would be my garden
the otter my furry friend
the shark could be my goldfish
as long as I tame him

and when i grow cold, a fire
made from scraps of dry drift wood
the air a sturdy chimmney
where no bricks or cement stood

I would create and make my art
with the prints of my feet in the sand
making poetic sand angels
or collaging seashells over land

and at night I would stare down the sky
flinging thoughts upon crescent moon
and then on past the stars and jupiter
nestled deep in big dippers spoon

All these things I imagine
as i stare out at the deep blue sea
but I know that may never own it
'cause the sea is wild and free


The Empress said...

My favorite paragraph is the second one. It just flows so nicely when you say it out loud.

Very nice. Thank you.

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Tamara said...

Hi Alexis,
Thanks for the printing!
I am becoming addicted to your blog, your poems soothe and relax me. I wonder if you ever write anything that is absolute rubbish?! LOL. I doubt it.I love, love ,love this poem!

Shrinky said...

Very creative and imaginative, it's simply lovely (smile).

Wanda said...

Collaging seashells over my favorite line. You have a nice way of looking at things, Alexis!

s. m. leisinger said...

I love the analogy! I never thought of the sand as being the front porch of the sea. Thank you

Happy Mothers Day.

Barb said...

I am partial to that first stanza - the sea as home and beach as porch intrigues me.

Vicki Lane said...

My favorite is the next to last stanza!

Alexis said...

The Empress,
Happy Mothers Day to you and thank you!

Haha, printing permit!!! Yes, I write rubbish I just don't post it.;)

Alexis said...

Nice to see a comment from you! I'm off to check out your blog when I'm through. I need a good laugh today!

You have a nice way of looking at things too. I'm glad that you point a camera at them so I can always see what your writing about. :)

Alexis said...

s.m. lesinger,
Thank you for reading and for your nice comment.

Thank's for telling me what you like about my post! As always, it's nice to read your sweet comments.

Alexis said...

Thank you for reading. It's my favorite too.

Jeannine said...

Thank-you for your comment on my blog, Alexis. Keep up the writing and making a difference! Good for you! :)

Julie Musil said...

Alexis, what a beautiful poem! I love your blog name, finding prose in the laundry. Amazing what comes to us while folding clothes or washing dishes! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Alexis said...

Your welcome, you had such a wonderful message and I'm happy to have found you!

Alexis said...

Thank you for the comment! I hate laundry and dishes and they are two chores that have to be done every single day! It IS amazing what comes to us! ;)

Sliding on the Edge said...

Lovely images in your poem, Alexis. As to laundry and dishes, laundry and dishes, laundry and dishes . . . sometimes it's the tedious that makes it imperative to create something of beauty.

Katie said...

Very nice... And writing poetry is HARD. I tried it this weekend but gave up in favor of my novel.

P.S. I LOVE the title of your blog! So cute :)

Jodi said...

I LOVE IT !!! this poem reminds of one of my favorite poets, Robert Louis Stevenson.


Hi, Loved your poem, thanks for stopping by and lovely comment.

Have a nice day.

Jaime Kubik said...

Great poem! It makes me think of The Little Mermaid as I read it!

Samantha Bennett said...

Eeeee!!! Love it! My current WIP is ocean-centered and my main character would so relate to this poem. :)

Connie Arnold said...

What a delightful poem, Alexis! Very creative and an interesting perspective!

Alexis said...

Thank you for your comment and for reading. Excellent point, the tedious dares me to create!

I think writing a novel would be hard. I have complete respect for anyone who spends time to create a whole book!

Alexis said...

I haven't heard of him, and I'm so excited and curious to check him out!

Alexis said...

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post.

Right after I read your comment, I got Part of your World stuck on my brain!

Alexis said...

Now I'm curious! You'll have to let me know when you publish it.;)

Thanks for stopping by Connie and for the Sweet comment!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Thanks, Alexis, for your kind words. Isn't it a real experience to put your heart in a query, follow all the right directions, and still get rejected? They say suffering builds character. It just makes me one!

May we both find agents in the near future. Thanks again, Roland

Alexis said...


Delwyn said...

Hi Alexis

but isn't it great to sit and stare and while we may never own the sea we can feel a part of the sea the sky and the great space above...
thanks for the poetic thoughts Alexis...

happy days

creativewritingintheblackberrypatch said...

I love your poem! It is so imaginative.

Alexis said...

Yes it is and your welcome!

Creative writing,
Thank you.:)

Jingle said...

awards to choose,
Happy Tuesday!
I appreciate your friendship!

GreenEyes said...

this reminds me of my own thoughts. things i think of and muse about. i love it alexis. you have such a way with words.

misslenbuster said...

Delightful imagery!