Wednesday, June 2, 2010

homecoming queen

For and about my Mother...

at 18 years she stepped down
with a rhinetone tiara
pink dimpled dress
did much impress
all of mcpherson town

a dozen roses in arms and eyes
did not surprise her mother
for kindness and a giving heart
weighed more than popular causes

when she came home again
years passed, ten
they'd all moved in
to bigger cities and bigger houses
and she held babies on her knee
mending hearts and navy blue trousers

5 year old played next to her
dressed in pink and rhinestone gleam
she passed down crown
and whithered gown
to 5 year olds homecoming dream


Jodi said...

A life well lived. Beautiful.

Connie Arnold said...

A lovely poem, a lovely life! Thanks for sharing.

Annie said...

I love the quiet voice in this, and the affectionate imagery and reflection. It's a wonderful portrait of your mother. I also enjoy the rhythm in your lines like these:

"when she came home again
years passed, ten
they'd all moved in..."

Wanda said...

Your prose was a beautiful sentimental journey home, for me in away.

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Gorgeous portrait you've painted in words.

DORCAS said...

Agree with Jennifer. It's as I if I can see it! Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!



Taylor said...

Beautiful! This is my first time here . . . found you from Ostriches look funny.
Did you write this? It is quite good! :)

s. m. leisinger said...

I love it. The end was perfect and unexpected.

Tory said...

This is absolutely beautiful, Alexis! Now, can someone please pass the Kleenex box?:)

Joanne said...

A beautiful tribute to your mother. I'd be willing to think that she's a very special royalty in your life.

Vicki Lane said...

A lovely piece -- 'mending hearts and navy blue trousers' -- perfect!

Sienna said... beautiful and I have that picture of mom in my head. You're such an amazing poet!

S Club Mama said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love yours. I'm not much for poetry but yours is really beautiful (aren't I an awful English major?). :D

Julie Musil said...

Gave.Me.Chills. Loved it! So beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can relate to your frustration with your first novel. I'm on draft 6 of mine, still trying to make it great. Much more work to be done!!!! Keep at it girl, and remember, it can all be fixed in revision!

Lynda Young said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It gave me the opportunity to find this lovely site. And what a beautiful piece you've written. Very rich in imagry.

Barb said...

These "story poems" say so much, Alexis. I hope your Mother has read it.

Samantha Bennett said...

Lovely! Found so much love wrapped in these lines. :)