Thursday, November 10, 2011

a mother's song

if only the days faded quicker
but then the sun sets
and i wish for more time
thinking on how i could do better
always walking the faded grey line

sometimes i wear a burp cloth and a baby
balancing while i walk a tight rope of toys
as the laundry piles and dishes overflow
i trip over a  toddler
who use to be a baby boy

outside little girls argue
over who had her toy first
and i beg God for the patience
to come up with the softest of words

but then today's clothes turn into jammies
and jammies turn into a bed
and bedtime stories turn into lullabies
floating around in sleeping heads

a mother dances the quick step
her children's feet write the words of her song
and it's an ever blessed struggle to dance sometimes
but one day the music will be gone

joining emily here...


Carrie Burtt said...

Oh dear Alexis....this is truly an amazing Mother's poem....and it is so full of truth....these times can be hard,and bittersweet...and they do pass soon they will be out in the world on their glad to see you back...i have missed you!!!

Southern Gal said...

Wow. I know you're busy being a mommy, but I sure have missed your words here.

Christina @ Faith for Fertility said...

beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Nancy said...

Yes, I remember dancing the quick step. And, yes, the music was gone before I knew it. It's exhausting and hard and I wish I had a lot of it back to do over. Delight in what you can; seek grace for the rest of it.

Barb said...

Keep dancing the dance, Alexis - your steps are the ones the children will follow. I think of you often - remembering the days with my own 4 and how all-consuming it was. Your poem brought tears of remembrance to my eyes. Sending you many positive thoughts. Your poetry flies straight to the heart.

Mohamed Mughal said...

A touching poem, especially the last 4 lines.

Wanda..... said...

You captured Motherhood so well, Alexis, it brought to mind my own feelings of being absorbed by the day, with diapers, dishes and other daunting duties. You seem to know what's important, your loving feelings come shining in the poem and in your daily dance.

Seeing your post on my reader, Alexis...made me smile!

Jodi said...

You sing beautifully. I'm reminded of a scripture verse. gotta look it up. I'll be back.

emily wierenga said...

i trip over a toddler
who use to be a baby boy

oh alexis. i've missed your words so much. and this makes me teary-eyed, thinking how fast the music plays, how soon they'll all be gone...

Kendra said...

wonderful image of the daily life of motherhood! :-) It's wonderful to read you again!

Barb said...

Thinking of you and came by to say Happy 2012 to you and your Family, Alexis!

Kim said...

so so beautiful. thanks for sharing your gift.