Sunday, January 27, 2013

spun in the sun

saw a picture of a swollen sea
pregnant with the deepest hues
it reminded me of that day
when we
deep in love
graced the ocean
 tried not to
sink or swim
just kept my head level
with the sun
the waves tumbled us
around the shore
like something rinsed
that day in summer
long ago
when sun melted hearts to heart
it's where i go
 to rest
- my love-
when the waves
drift us apart


Southern Gal said...

Beautiful. The ocean, beach and all that goes with it are so special to me. Loved reading this.

JoAnn Hallum said...

And in other news,

Will you freaking answer your phone? You're killing me.

Jodi said...

You know, Alexis, your prose is so life giving. I really mean that. I'm glad you're back. You're good.

Bu Thyab said...

Really cool and cheerful =)

my fav line:

"when sun melted hearts to heart"

great piece ^^,

Barb said...

I got chills reading your poem, Alexis. So often in marriage and in love, it's necessary to go back to a special memory to get us through rough waters. I hope you're well and enjoying some sunshine there in CA!

Annie said...

I love the gentle images and rhythms, and the deeper meaning that strikes home.

Cathrina Constantine said...

Beautiful pose...

GreenEyes said...

Seriously this is so amazing. I'm just sitting here in awe.

Vinnie Pandit said...

Very well written.

Thomas Olivera said...

this is a cute one...!! I liked it