Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Finding Love Again

i set it all afire 
shivered for the thought
of what could come
after all the things he spoke of her
all the things he'd gleaned 
i never left my stand over him
i never shifted my eyes away 
or let the clock I'd set for the saving stop

oh how i ached
tore myself apart
and twisted away from the parts 
i thought were right
the parts i saw 
still belonged to peace-between 

for it was tearing flesh away from bone
that day 
severing all that i was 
from a treasure i held so dear 
uncoiling deep wounds
where the scar tissue had bound 
might as well have lost a limb
for losing him slowly over years
would have hurt worse

i've survived the dark ages
alone, i learned to live that way
then i ran as fast as i could 
bare feet
stumbled on the stones unearthed 
left to torment me
away from it all
and eventually found love
somewhere after 
that sunset God left for me that day
and a river that felt like home